About Company

Surabhi was founded in 1991 with one single group of Rs.15,000/-. Surabhi is a Public Limited Company with an Authorised share capital of Rs. 10.00 crores. We are leading Chit Company in state with maximum business volume and client base of nearly 18,000 customers. Our annual business turnover is nearing to Rs. 500 crores. We have dedicated staff numbering nearly 250 +. We have 10 High Tech branches in Bangalore.

Surabhi took birth in the year 1991 and has been in the pivotal position among the Karnataka based chit companies. Surabhi adheres to the chit fund act of 1982 and also as per Karnataka chit Fund rules 1983. We have a network of ten branches at various locations in the city of Bengaluru with a client base exceeding 18,000. The annual auction turnover as at march 2014 has crossed Rs.450 Crores and aiming at Rs.1,000 crore turnover by the end of the financial year 2016.

The chit groups formulated by Surabhi caters to the needs of all segments of people right from a home maker to a professional, a self employed, industrialist, realtors etc., surabhi chooses quality customers for various chits group with chit group of Rs. 5,00,000/- value as bench mark, going up to a chit value of Rs. 2.50 crores which is catering to the needs of high net-worth investors. Our chit schemes are instruments in saving money and reaping high returns.

  • To endeavor- safe, secure and simple financial investment options
  • To enable- Schemes suiting customers of every type
  • To engage- customers by understanding their financial business planning
  • Systematically scale-up in value chain by consistently
  • Supporting customers with customized financial service
  • Credibility
  • Performance
  • Professionalism
  • High Quality Service
  • Financial Disciplines

To serve our customer, team at Surabhi is classified into specialised departments of Customer Service, Marketing, Development, Collections and Administration. Work force a Surabhi relentlessly caters to every subscribers need.

Established in 1991, management team at Surabhi Chits includes advisors & business domain experts from areas like Banking, Taxation, Academics, Marketing and Business Management Domains.

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