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1. I/We hereby confirm and declare that the above mentioned particulars are correct.

2. Rules and Regulations relating to the chit has been read/translated and I/We have understood the same. I/We agree to be bound and abide by the terms and conditions of M/S Surabhi Chits Ltd. I wish to join the proposed chit group as a subscriber.

3. I/We understand that I/We have to give security to the extent of future liabilities (instalments) when I/We bid the chit.I/We hereby agree to give security acceptable to the Company to the extent of upto 150% of the future liability in the form of movable or immovable properties.

4. Please allot me a chit of value Rs. with a monthly subscription of Rs .I am remitting Rs.(Rupees only) by cash/cheque/DD No. dated drawn on being the paymentof first instalment.

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